The Pioneer Institute

The Pioneer Institute is a public policy research center in Boston. One of its focus areas is public school education. I've written several white papers for Pioneer, including one on the challenges of creating a facility for a charter public school. I interviewed about one dozen outside experts and researched other studies on various aspects of charter schools. The result was “Houses of Learning,” which looked at financing and management issues and noted that founders of charter schools quickly find that while starting a charter school is an admirable goal it is also an arduous process.

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The Barkan Companies

The Barkan Companies is one of the largest property management corporations in the Northeast. It's portfolio includes high rises and townhouses in New England down to Washington, D.C. When the Boston-based company chose to redesign its web site in 2017 in contacted me to write the text.

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Eastern Bank

After several years Eastern Bank, the largest independent, mutually owned bank in New England and the largest community bank in Massachusetts, decided to bring in an outside writer to write the narrative for its 2014 annual report. The challenge was to engage readers with a fresh approach but not a radical departure from past reports.

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Boston Private Bank and Trust

Boston Private Bank & Trust is a private bank and wealth management company based in Boston with 26 offices throughout New England, Southern California, the Pacific Northwest, and  the San Francisco Bay Area. When BPB&T redesigned its web site, I was brought on by the marketing firm Nessen Kohlasch & Associates, Inc. to write the content, which amounted to about 80 pages. The challenge was to convey the personal attention BPB&T provides to its clients while also covering its breadth of services.

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The Providence Journal

As a senior business writer for the Journal I usually covered the economy and the state's high tech sector, along with writing profiles of leading Rhode Island business figures. But here are two light features including the introduction of the new Volkswagen Beatle to Rhode Island and a shopping excursion to Nordstrom with a busload of Rhode Island consumers.

The New Beetle

True believers join a mission to Nordstrom


JWU Magazine

Johnson & Wales University has an international student population and its graduates often return to their homelands. When JWU Magazine wanted to cover the roles that J&W grads are playing in the global economy, I was hired to write the cover story. Through a series of profiles based on interviews conducted with graduates in countries around the world, I wrote “World Niche,” which not only highlighted their stories but also emerging trends in international business.

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FM Global

Rhode Island-based FM Global is one of the country’s leading providers of global commercial and industrial property insurance. Historically they have kept the writing of their annual report in-house, but chose to include an outside writer for their 2011 annual report. To report on a year of numerous natural disasters around the world and FM Global’s response for its customers, I was hired to write the narrative. The reporting included interviews with various FM Global executives as well as research into ways that FM Global helps its clients protect themselves against natural disasters.

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