Great content to start 

great writing to follow

Remember Truth or Dare? That’s the game that companies play today when they decide to create their own branded content. Will the information they share ring true to their target audience or do they dare to waste its valuable time with empty content?

Creating great content takes more than dashing off a thought in 140 characters. It might mean interviewing expert sources, researching background information or finding meaningful anecdotes to prove a point. And after the spade work, it means writing it in a way that won’t put readers to sleep.

My career began in business journalism and I bring a reporter’s approach to content marketing. That means generating interesting information first, then writing it well. I work with firms to:

  • understand their company, their industry and their target market
  • create story angles
  • develop the story
  • write the story to engage their audience

If you plan to initiate a content marketing strategy or expand one already in place, I can help your team connect with prospects and customers by creating content they find useful, informative and fun to read.

Bill Donovan