Anybody can write. Right?

What's the big deal?


Writing is easy. Effective writing is hard. The benefits of branded content that is useful and engaging are well-known to editorial and marketing professionals. Creating it shouldn’t be left to someone who has other primary skills, like a pitcher who can also swing a bat. When you need a hit, it’s better to have a designated hitter. Pitchers pitch. Hitters hit. Writers write.

I developed my writing, editing, research and interviewing skills during more than 20 years in journalism, particularly with one very good Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper, the Providence Journal in Rhode Island.

Over time I’ve co-authored a book on investing entitled Investing Secrets of the Masters, which was published in five languages by McGraw-Hill (if you speak Mandarin I’ll get you a copy); worked with many Wall Street companies as a public relations writer; provided in-depth white papers for think tanks, taught business journalism at Boston University and Northeastern University; and opened my own writing shop.

I have undergraduate degrees from Boston College in communications and history and a master’s degree in journalism from The American University in Washington, D.C. If you’re looking for deeper background, I’m the same Bill Donovan that went to Arlington High School in Massachusetts. I'm unrelated, however, to Wild Bill Donovan, the World War II master spy or Wild Bill Donovan, a turn-of-the 20th century professional pitcher who once deliberately walked nine straight batters because he was mad at his manager (baseball card above).